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Custom Medallions

Across all industry and sports, if you or your organisation want to offer an item in recognition or in celebration of a significant event, achievement even an anniversary, our custom medallions are a brilliant option.

At Hurdler, we pride ourselves on strong collaboration with our clients so we can design the perfect medallion to suit your budget and project purpose. We can make the process really simple for you.

Specialising in custom made ‘limited release’ Medallion Sets, the medallions are available in sizes up to 80mm diameter and can be configured in quantities to meet your specific project requirements. The Medallions are fully customised with Antique Gold and Silver finishes a popular option.

Our experienced, in house design team is where all of this magic happens… the team will work with you to perfect your design to deliver a great outcome.

If you already know what you want, simply Click Here to contact us!


Presentation Display Cases

To add the finishing touch to your project, we highly recommend a premium quality display case for your custom made medallions. At Hurdler we pride ourselves on giving your product the quality recognition it deserves. 

Medallions are fit securely inside the case and can be removed if you need to take them out for a closer look.

Cases are available in different materials, finishes and sizes. Timber provides a premium quality option however other materials are also available. 


Bespoke Creative & Design

Hurdler Australia believe design should be simple yet beautiful, so we exist to help develop new ideas. We create bespoke design solutions that produce products unique to a specification that best meet your needs.

We strive to deliver a design direction that is both creative and well thought out to ensure customer driven solutions are met.

We have our own in house graphic design team who have loads of experience and are just brilliant at quickly bringing ideas to life. You simply send us details of your idea (or give us a call) and we can usually get things moving within a couple of days. 

Then, if you like what you see, we will discuss, recommend and confirm all raw materials, all material finishes, all embossing/debossing and engraving requirements so that we achieve the highest quality outcome possible. It’s a collaboration, so we do need your project input and we don’t mind sharing our thoughts too. We work with you right from initial ideas, through concept stage to develop, create and bring your vision to life.

This end to end process involves understanding what the client would like to spend, what the goals of the project are, the target market, the purpose of use and the timing requirements. All this helps us confirm the best path to take for production, shipping and finally distribution and/or warehousing. 


Sourcing, Manufacturing & Supply

Many product requirements these days are manufactured both locally and offshore, these can be difficult to manage. Good sourcing platforms must include the following key activities

  • understanding your needs
  • evaluate and develop a supply strategy
  • negotiation with the supply base.
  • deliver the supply strategy
  • facilitate production and supply

Hurdler Australia prides itself on supplying highest quality, custom-made products end to end, by dealing factory direct and removing the middle man. The benefits to you are a significantly reduced cost and your valuable time saved.

While we don’t manufacture all products here in Australia, our overseas manufacturing partner is a BSCI and TUV Certified facility that makes great product. The factory size is over 4,000 m² and production capacity is around 40,000 pieces per month from 2 die casting machines and multiple production lines.

We provide a free sample service for those who place a production order and samples are usually available to us within 10 business days.

For your peace of mind, both factory and independent QA processes are in place and are activated directly with Hurdler Australia.

Hurdler Australia assists and guides clients to understand these activities to allow a clear view of the supply chain process and options available to help meet various budgets, deadlines and industry standards.


Warehousing, Collation & Distribution

Products produced and supplied by Hurdler often form part of a bigger project and need to be collated with other elements (i.e. a show-bag, backpack, giftpack or brochure etc.) before dispatch. In cases like this where products need to be on hand for an event, Hurdler Australia is able to make provision for the storage, collation and distribution as required… ready as and when customers need it.

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